February 4, 2009

King Of Hearts 2/13/09

NEWS FLASH: The Valentine's Day Mixtape "King Of Hearts" Has Been Moved Up To 2/13/09..... So With That Being Said..Here's Another Cut Off Of The Tape..Its To The Lil Kim Beat "Crush On You" Which Was Another Classic I Enjoyed...So Vibe Out....Cause I'm Crushin' On U.....

Crushin' On U-Chris King

Another New Song Called "Sillouhette" On My Page...Its To The "Say Yes" Beat By Floetry.....Check it out..
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Vee said...

Nice!!! well that means i get the mixtape when i'm on 14. or something like that. anywy i will always get them first. YAY me. i swear we should have like competition of ppl reciting ur songs on youtube or something.

peace xoxo

JENNiE said...

Loved it chriss! yay cant wait to gett the v day tape sounds like fire already =]