March 12, 2009


Project run-way winner 'Christian Siriano' really looks out for fashion lovers during recession time.
One year after winning the show he debuted his first shoe collection AT PAYLESS. now he has created a VERY affordable shoe line ALL PRICED UNDER 45 DOLLARS!!
Christian Siriano for Payless
then theres always my personal favorite:


Anonymous said...

OMG ima shoenista and i think im in luv

HazelGoddess said...

I'M gonna get ME a PAIR!! Ohhh!! Maybe You guys should post about stuff in fashion you like! Or is that too girly?

Vee said...

oooh yay finally we've ppl pulling out the fashion for girls. lovin the shoes amanda !!!

i like the one with the spikes. they're hot. =]
hmm could we be seeing bella browne with them soon?