March 12, 2009

Where's My Crown? Round 1.

Sneak Peek Compilation Of The First Batch Of Songs Thats Been Coming Out Of These New Sessions I've Been Having...So Here's A Few Snippets Of Some Songs You Should Most Def. Look Out For Here At & Please Pay Attention Ya'lll Its Getting Waaaay To Serious..I'm Only Getting Better.....

Snippet Tracklisting:
1.Spontaneous Combustion(Feat. Dinooo Supreemooo)-Chris King
2.Feelin' A Dream-Chris King
3.Chutes & Ladders-Chris King
4.Royal Stanky Legg-Chris King
5.Gutta FlySh!t (Feat. Chris King)-iM|L0.
6.UAlreadyKnow(I Love You)-C-Not3 & Chris King

W.M.C.? Round 1 (Snippets)-Chris King


JENNiE said...

C King is most deff a fuckin problem!!! woo soundin madd good already chris u gonna be killin em softly lol keep the classic shyt commin =]

iRina said...

uh oh chris,dat shyt iz tight,son.he ont plaay!! lol,yuu killin em,boo