May 23, 2009


"If you don't like change, you're going to like irrelevance even less."

I know the other guys and I have been neglecting The Circle lately and for that we apologize. We've been goin' thru alotta changes that we thought never would occur but I honestly believe that god makes everything happen for a reason. Alot of you know by now from visiting that Milo who has been our brother since the birth of our group is no longer with 2 Much. At this time I can't get into all of why this is the case but because you guys have supported us and stuck with us over the years... all the years we've been doing this with Milo included... You honestly deserve an explanation that you will get from us. I never want you to think we lied to you all because when we typed any blogs or anything about how much we are brother's and have a family love for each other, all this was and still IS true and when you type those things at the time thats what you truly believe... and all four of us in our hearts... no matter where us 3 or Milo is in life still have a brotherly love for one another. I can say that we are not over tho thanks to people who actually believe in us and 2 Much has a lot in store for you all over the course of this year and year's to come so stick with us on here, The Circle, our group myspace, our mixtape music pages and of course our Twitter pages if your down with 2 Much for life! Just know Milo will NEVER be replaced because we grew up together, it wouldn't be right and it wouldn't be 2 Much. Also whether he posts on here or not... he will not be removed from the Circle. 

That quote at the top...

I used that quote for a reason... This 2 Much is a little bit different we no longer share the same relationship's that we had before which includes our relationship with TUG and other's  (even tho we've been around them since we were younger and will always have love for them... Chris, O, Marques, Monyee etc.)... We've changed everything and I have to say its for the better.
All I'm gonna say is
"If you don't like change, you're going to like irrelevance even less."
and thats exactly what would have happened, we would have become IRRELEVANT if we didn't CHANGE.
so I look at "change" as a great thing and a life saver because "change" saved 2 Much's life

So stay with us if your down with 2 Much for life (which if you read my twitter page you know that those are the types I love!) check all these pages for the latest on ya boys. The Circle will be brought back to life trust and believe! Also check out some of the hilarious picture's we post on our twitters haha I'm sure you all will love them!

like chris' twin I found!
and my family's new lil creature... 

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Safiya said...

its good someone finally spoke up...i remember when i always used 2 come on here den it got to da point where nobody was postin then i stop coming on here(even 4got about da blogspot for a sec)...i even started driftin away when i realized milo wasnt even in da group anymore just because i felt that things WERENT being explained...which i guess made me feel like all the talk on ur myspace blog(marcel) was all bs...(da one explaing how yall bro.s 4 life and etc.) honestly if u havent bosted dis blog i would have felt the same way i did be4(dat dis is all bs...ppl saing their sisters 4 life...dat their brothers 4 life nd then once sumbody is removed 4rm da group nd nothing is said dat their not part of the sister or brother hood) i said be4 im GLAD and i APPRECIATE sumbody speaking up. also u know every thing happens for a reason..good or bad...god puts ppl threw its either u pass or either u pass(their is nothing called failure or a mistake) its just ordinary ppl living nd learning the world god has created...i wish u ALL...every single last one of u da best in life...may god continue to grant yall da 4 da girls...its da same thing...i wish dem da best of luck too..i know it must be frustrating having to have ppl come n leave the group continuously...nothin in lyfe is ever easy...u jus learn nd grow. Love...Safiya

swaqqaholic said...

yhu kno sum ppl run frm chanqe ; other ppl all dhey do is chanqe ; but everyone needs a lil chanqe ; so im happy for yhu quys as lnq as yhu are happy widd yho selfs ; i been down since fire so yhu kno ima ride ; jst stay true im widd chu !! =DD

siqnd by dha blessd

Anonymous said...

wow I'm just shocked nd a little sad but I'm so happy that someone finally informed us fans of Wat was going on that's y all y'all fans love y'all guys because y'all are never afraid to tell us Wat the truth is like there have been a lot of groups that split up nd left it how it is without even taking time to write or communicate with there fans at all

Anonymous said...

Always remeber God wont bring you to what he cant bring you threw.
Keep ur heads up <3

~A really big fan

Anonymous said...

FINALLY someone spoke up about the situation... i was wondering what happened to MILO,and why yall werent posting here as much .. but im glad you explained that
Ive supported yall since day 1 and im not gonna stop supporting!!! Its good to see that yall care enough about ur fans to let us know whats going on... and like u said change is always good... cant wait 2 see what 2 much has in stores 4 us!!!!

p.s ur puppy is soooooooo cute LOL
2 much fan 4 lyfe<3<3<3

mizzspeakmymind said...

OMG!!!!! I KNEW SOMETHIN WAS UP WITH MILO!! GAWD I SOOO CALLED IT! hmm wonder y. well it seems like u guys r on good terms still...i guess. so that's good. i think you handled this very well too mars.

but...i wanna know WHAT WENT DOWN WITH BELLA BROWN!?!? ..just being nosy! lol

seriously i wanna know lol

still a fan 4 lyfe tho. wish ya'll all the luck

Anonymous said...

WOW :'( 2 Milo leaving LMAO 2 the bella brown thing ha!

Anonymous said...

im sooooooooo saaad about this. i cant picture you guys without milo. n im gonna miss "a moment with lo" sooooooooo muuuuuch :(

but thanks for actually letting people know whats been going on. i know it must be hard for you guys. but ima still support you guys and your music cus if its anything like the mixtapes, you guys are gonna blow up FAST n stay at the top, too.


Anonymous said...

Smh Milo Was My Fav ;(
Its all qood tho cuz i still luv 2 much ( Chris,Mlo,Marcel,Myles) & everythinq they do. Oh Yea I'm qlad yall let Bella Browne Out Tha Circle !!!

biancathekidd said...

i am saddened to hear the new about milo departing from the group, but it's good that you guys came forward and filled all the fans in on the siuation, after all we were all wondering where he had been. i will miss watching all the crazy episodes of " a moment with lo". although im sad to see a milo not in 2 much anymore, i am happy that you guys are going places with your music and i know that one day you guys will be a award winning chart topping band, i can't wait to see that day. i love you guys forever and keep us posted.

RE-sis said...

So wat eva happened 2 Milo. Did he just leave 2much or did he go on 2 a higher place( if u kno wat I mean)

Brianna said...

wow this is sad but what really happened to Milo? whatever he decided to do i respect him.I'm happy that finally you guys said something about this because when i went to you guys myspace i saw that he wasn't in the pictures or anything it made me sad but as for bella brown to tell the truth i never really liked them at all i just wasn't feeling them or there music in that matter i hope all is well with you guys and that milo is ok and nothing is wrong :[

Love Brianna

Camille said...

What The FUCK!!!
What the fuck is this!!
What the fuck is goin' on!!
Are you serious???
It ain't gon be the same with out Milo.
Your fans deserve a full explanation. No sugar coating.
Man.....that's crazy.
I still wish yall the best of luck. 2much and Milo.
Oh yeaa && we wanna know whath happened with BB. Cuz....wasn't Milo's cousin one of the girls in the group???

BossLady DayDay said...

Wow this is a shock to me.
I haven't been following this blog for a while and when I do, I find out Milo is gone.
I have to admit that I'm upset about this because I loved 'a moment with lo' and I'm going to miss them. But I'm glad y'all are still on good terms.
I hope everything goes well for Milo in whatever he does and I still have love for him. Hopefully he will come back and update us on what he's doing now, whether its via here, twitter, myspace or youtube.


Anonymous said...

what happened

Anonymous said...

Chris stokes all fuckin up them kids he us evil