May 23, 2009

Kei Nicole

Hey whats up Everyone!, My name is Kei Nicole or just Kei! And I'm New to THE CIRCLE BLOG! Some of you may know me from coming back real soon) and etc! Keep supporting the boys! Ill be posting stuff that i think its pretty cool and dope! So Keep it locked here. Thanks Guys for letting me be apart! *I'll add a picture soon as i can fix my camera!* Lol



~SiMpLyNiNa~ said...

oh yea my TwitTrio Girl Kei is officially a Circle member! (bout damn time boys!) you ah-mazing mama & a gr8 addition to the site! i cant wait to see what dopeness you bring! i'll be here supporting always and ready to load the shot lmaO love youuu!!!

MiszxAshleyy said...

AHHHH ! OMG Kei im so happppy you joined ! CONGRATSZ ! :)

- 1/3 of twittrio lol

Anne said...

Wow... finally Kei's in the house!