July 14, 2009

Just Know (Remix) - (MARS)cel & ???

Sooo, I had mentioned on my twitter (www.twitter.com/marceldion) I wanted to feature a remix version of the song I did called "Just Know" off my first mixtape 'R&Beast' on this next mixtape that I'm working on and alot of you had asked me to post a version with open spots for yall to put a spin on it yourselves. I thought that was a great idea so here it is with an extra 8 bar in each verse and the Bridge completely open. When you record a version of it... please upload it to
and @reply the link to me on my twitter!
the idea here is to have a sick remix version featured on my next mixtape 'Mercury & The Moon' so hopefully a version that one of you all do can be on there.. Rap or Singing!

(MARS)cel - Just Know w/ Open Spots

that g-shock is sick below me...


...In Your Christian Louboutins said...

marcel! your voice is freakin gorgous! if i ever make it you will be in my first album

itsEMMA! said...

ask carnell to also jump on it...i think it would be pretty dope =]

Anonymous said...

When do you guys find time to work on your albulm as a group??....it seems like everybody is too wrapped up in pursuing their own music.. if so why not just break up the group..

i mean really when was the last time a song was released from 2 much as a group???

When was the last time ChrisKing released a song??


Anonymous said...

I dont think there is anything wrong with making their own music, in a way I think that kinda good because people can identify each of the as individual and they are all the elements that make up the group, so when 2Much does come out people can deny anyone of their talents. Plus I feel its so great that they all work on their music togther, like Marcel can be recording a song and chris and Myles would be in the studio with him so even if all three of them were not on a song together they are all together.

It is great that they can all support each other in doings individual songs, I think that's why alotta groups totally break up bcuz they want to pursue music alone, you can still do that in be in a group,
heck when 2Much comes out with an album they will have their songz 2getha and i hope they have individual songz on their 2. at least an interlude or something.

Its good that they releasing music in the first last, they some under-rated hungry dudes-and I wish them much success, I know when they come out ima cop all their shit

I know this is long but-i have got to show some love and i appreciate what their doing