July 14, 2009

Yeezy The Artist.

So today I decided to take a trip through KanYe Lane & Listened To All Of His Albums...FROM END TO START. So I listened to "808's & Heartbreaks" then I listened to "Graduation"....then I listened to "Late Registration"....then I listened to the infamous first album "The College Dropout". I Must Say This...KanYe West is the most creative artist in Hip-Hop ...PERiOD. In "808's" he went through a Dark period in his life with the passing of Mrs. Donda West & his break up with his fiance at the time....so he gets a A- For Effort considering Autotune can get played after a while....."Graduation" was a piece of work that was honestly just him tryna provide a great 3rd album with classics like "Flashing Lights" (Featuring Dwele Who Is The Sh!T) & "I Wonder" , he gets a Solid B+ from me.... I absoloutley Love "Late Registration" always have & always will.....seems he was at the peak of enjoying his success & his quality of music was consistent & uplifting...A+ For that album a definte classic....& "The College Droupout" showcased a hungry Kanye West a man who was tryna display a message of hope & a dream. He wasn't fully respected as a rapper & came to prove it on Beats & Verses...a Solid A is for this classic display Of iLLness......Either way it goes Kanye West Is Dope & I can careless how many times he cries for a damn award lmaOOO the man is sick. Now I Come To ask you a simple question if you don't mind...WHATS YOUR FAVORITE YEEZY ALBUM?


Lala said...

honestly. me having to pick a favorite album would be impossible ! Kanye West is an amazing man like you said , thoe he bitches bout the awards, but when you have so many hits on each album its hard choosing a favorite album ! but for me myself if i had too choose i think it`d b "8O8s &nd Heartbreaks" i mean a CD when each song you play you can feel every emotion that man went thru is fucking amazing, but i think anyone qoin thru hardtimes can put that on n just vibe out to it.

but then , you got "Graduation" that has sonqs on there that normal hip hop artist wouldn't do. "I wonder" "FLashin Lights" the list can go on.

but for me probabl "College Drop Out" &nd "8O8s n Heartbreaks" are favoritess,

...In Your Christian Louboutins said...

i have to say i loved kanye west since "through the wire", but the best album in my opinion is 808's and heartbreak...lost my friend this year (RIP KITTIM)so i most DEF feel where he's comin from. kanye west is one of the best of our time.a true talent.

CUPCAKE. said...

hmm, this is hard but my favorite Yeezy album was Graduation. Dunno why, but he was uber cocky in that one & it showed, & i liked that lol. what sold me was "I Wonder", "Flashing Lights", "Drunk & Hot Girls" & "Big Brother". then its Late Registration, cause he went too hard on "Late"...my favorite K. West song everr. then 808`s, & i loved every song on there lol and then College Drop Out.

but believe me they`re only short from eachother by a little bit. lmfao he really does cry about the awards, but you don`t need `em to know you one of the best, Ye lol.

enterrr my twilight z o n e . said...

hmmm my favorite kanye album is a huge debate for me. From late registration to graduation...idk. He needs to leave the auto tune alone bcuz the old days were his absolute best. Is it just me or does a lot of you guys find it hard to not just play his albums straight through?? I can't keep switching songs. Each song pulls me to listen to each one! Bcuz a lot of times when I hear a radio song, I get the album and search for those radio songs to hear. But I can't do that with kanye! My fav songs by him are drunk&hot girls,I wonder,gone,drive slow and last but certainly not least WE MAJOR. Just the energy of WE MAJOR is sick!that's y I said those two. Don't get me wrong the others are dead close but these two are head to head. For some reason "spaceship" keeps popping in my mind. Time to take the touch out lmao.

Candice said...

I would have to agree with you on Late Registration. That is my favorite Kanye album because it was fucking raw. I don't its hard to explain I mean even though my favorite song isn't on that album; "Never Let Me Down" with Jay-Z & J.Ivy from The College Dropout. But when you have songs like "Crack Music" or "My Way Home" or "Gone" or "Touch The Sky" or "Addiction" you can see why this is just a great album.
But I think every album is a different mask/personality of Kanye & personally I can relate this personality of his the most.